News of today. Oh well, just read please!

A couple of points from today’s news.

First, happenings at Jerusalem on the Brazos a.k.a. Baylor University. The sacrificial lamb for the idiotic cover up of sexual assault cases involving Baylor football players was none other than Head Coach Art Briles. The hand-slap, not-surprisingly, went to Ken Starr. The former special prosecutor of Bill and Hillary Clintons’ alleged sins was demoted from his post as Baylor president but will retain his chancellor title as well as remaining as a professor at Baylor Law School. There were other specified and non-specified Baylor officials whose jobs were ended. Clearly, s**t rolls downhill at Baylor University. Who knows whether the Waco Police Department, accused of holding back police reports, will be investigated by outside law enforcement? The department has already drawn fire for its handling of the so-called in the “shoot-out” at the Twin Peaks corral.

Smiling Ken Starr. Who's smiling now? Not Art Briles. U.S. Government photo
Smiling Ken Starr. Who’s smiling now? Not Art Briles. U.S. Government photo

I don’t know either Starr or Briles. I know sports writers who covered Briles as a high school and college coach. He always seemed to be a good guy. Biles is no doubt a coaching wizard. He took one of the sorriest teams in the Big 12 Conference — perhaps in what was the NCAA Division 1 — and turned it into a national championship contender. Sometimes people get themselves in a bad situation and use bad judgment and, sometimes, they pay the price.

As a column I read today, Starr is sleazebag who made it his duty to bring down the Clinton presidency. Sure, Clinton lied about his “affair” but how many men and women wouldn’t lie if it was their marriage was on the rocks? But Bill Clinton was the president. Yeah, that’s the GOP line. That is until they face the same situation.

Finally, Donald Trump. Jeez. He officially became the presumed Republican candidate for President today. I didn’t believe he would get through the early primaries. But he did. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is somehow waylaid at the Republican National Convention still.  After today and the last month, nothing surprises me.

I have been and am even more ticked off at Bernie Sanders. I don’t know why he continues in his arrogant thinking he will be president, or whatever the hell he is doing. I thought if Trump became the front-runner, that he would cause an immediate collapse of  the Grand Old Party. Maybe it is a slow collapse. I now am unsure if the Democratic Party is going to hold together.

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