Newt won S.C. but don’t count out Mitt “The Glove” Romney

Whoa! Stop the presses! U.S. Senator throws a hissy fit over normal TSA airport protocol.

That is for sure. Republican Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky, was all tizzied out today after he was halted by airport security in Nashville. Reports indicate a scanner alarm activated when Paul, son of Republican presidential nominee candidate, Ron Paul, passed through. The TSA personnel told Paul he would have to be patted down before boarding his flight. Paul said no can do. He was allowed to go after awhile, but not without stirring up a bunch of hard-nose Republican bulls**t. You don’t want to fly by the rules, Sonny boy, then hitch a ride with a big rig. I’ve done it before. But I can’t for the life of me remember what the guy was hauling. Maybe it was Republican bulls**t, couldn’t tell. Personally, I’d probably be a little miffed if the TSA wanted to pat me down, then again, I’ve been searched before. It’s not the end of the world and the Constitution didn’t go up in flames.

Newty but not nice

We all got a chance to hear, yet once again, how smart Newt Gingrich is after his win in the South Carolina Republican Primary.  God that guy is a blowhard. The cable media — I was flipping between CNN and MSNBC for the short time I watched the S.C. coverage — was making the former Speaker’s win seem like the Second Coming. They have to do that, I suppose, to keep folks interested and sell that soap or shares of stock or Victoria Secret panties.

Gingrich was trying to sound all presidential during his however-the-hell-long-it-was speech after declaring himself winner. If everybody sits back and relaxes and takes a breath or two and reads this graphic from The New York Times then they might see that Gingrich is ahead in the delegate count by four. It might be fun to see the GOPs being forced into a brokered convention. Maybe Gingrich would win that way or even Santorum. But I doubt it. I still predict Mitt “The Glove” Romney. I think The Glove is a great nickname for Romney, a man who has perhaps even more of a bizarre moniker than Barack Obama. Actually, I think Obama is really black Irish.

When in doubt, punt

It is a good bet I will miss the Super Bowl unless it proves to show half-decent television commercials. The quality of the expensive Super Bowl ads has withered like cheap grapes over recent years. Likewise, I am less excited about the NY Giants matchup with New England than I am with the musical guest, Madonna. Like a virgin, but back when I was preoccupied with zits.

Yeah, I never wrote about the heartbreaking loss my team, the Texans, suffered against Baltimore. They really should have beaten the Ravens. Too many mistakes. That kind of stuff will happen to a rookie quarterback such as Tim Tebow T.J. Yates. Oh well, the Texans hadn’t been that far before so it was a great ride. Perhaps we shall see a better team and better fortune for Houston next year. Stranger things have happened.