Nitwit East Texas congressman thinks someone cares about his opinion

Once upon a time I lived in what is now the U.S. House of Representatives district held by one Louie Gohmert. Now I can’t claim to be substantially represented by our current but outgoing Republican Congressman Ted Poe. Both Gohmert and Poe are publicity-seeking demagogues whose beds rest in the nuttiest of the nut-wing portion of the GOP. Of the two politicians, Poe is maybe the least abrasive, somewhat tempered perhaps by his years serving as a Houston district judge. Poe was moved to another district through Texas legislative redistricting. Our current district which includes the upper Texas Coast will be held by another Republican, Randy Weber, who will take a redrawn district formerly held by Ron Paul.

Weber had served in the Texas House prior to beating former Democrat U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson in this month’s General Election. Other than Weber being a Republican state lawmaker and winning over a choice I had favored for Congress, I have no knowledge about our new congressman. I have no reason for high hopes with Weber though because it seems every Texas Republican who has been elected to Congress within the last 20 years has been a dud.

This brings me back to Gohmert.The “good” Congressman gained quite a bit of notoriety during the last couple of years because of his spouting ridiculous ideas such as ones that so-called “terror babies” posed a threat to our national security. This stupidity which was a variation on the theme of “anchor babies” — babies born to illegal immigrants and brought to the U.S. to secure legal immigration — but were supposedly babies whose terrorist parents sought a foothold in the country due to the legalities of the 14th Amendment.

The terror baby theory is just one among the rampant absurdities Gohmert has spewed in the national media. Other comments included his opinion that the mass shootings at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater in July 2012 was due to the nation’s lack of Judeo-Christian values and the lack of concealed handguns.

Now, on this very day, a Huffington Post article says Gohmert blasted House leaders for not taking the lead in the “fiscal cliff” debate. The Texas congressman foresees most of the rich Americans moving out of the U.S. if all of the Bush tax cuts are not extended. Why anyone would pay heed to Gohmert, a monumental waste of U.S. congressional space, is beyond me.

These are the type of ignorant rednecks we have representing Texas in Congress. There is no proof to anything that Gohmert says about the tax or any other subject. Perhaps he means that he will leave the U.S. if these tax cuts are not maintained. That would perhaps be the first positive accomplished by Gohmert and his cohorts in their years of government service.

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