No chicken feed for Gov. Goodhair

These days I have not had an ample chance to read some of my fave blogs such as the always lively In the Pink Texas, jobsanger and Capitol Annex. Checking out Vince Leibowitz’ Capitol Annex today I found the interesting tidbit about which I had heard a little on radio news yesterday concerning East Texas chicken magnate Bo Pilgrim flying our pretty boy Texas governor Rick “Goodhair” Perry around.

Pilgrim, a drawling geezer who dresses in TV commercials wearing pilgrim getups, is of course no stranger to handing out his fiscal goodies to pols in order to curry favor. That is not to be confused with curry chicken for favors. This is the man who once doled out $10,000 checks on the floor of the Texas Capitol. He otherwise is always stirring something up to get his way as this old Austin weekly story tells.

Jobsanger also has an interesting post today about some right-wingers wanting anti-bullying laws beaten because bullies often target gays and lesbians. Go figure.

And since I mentioned In the Pink Texas, just check it out for GP. Eillen and her faithful readers always have something akin to madness which may tickle a liberal (or maybe an occasionally conservative) funny bone.

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