You might get your coffee elsewhere

Starbucks has released a list of more than 600 stores throughout the U.S. on which it plans to unplug. These poorly performing, company-owned stores are located in 44 different states with California and Texas losing the most.

The good news is that apparently none of the stores are to be closed here in Beaumont, Texas, the shining city by the Neches. It is good news because I dislike the thought of someone losing their job especially in my back yard. Otherwise, however, I have to be *Rhetticent and say: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

*Rhetticent — A combination from the word “reticent” which means taciturn, quiet or uncommunicative, and the name Rhett, as in Rhett Butler from “Gone With the Wind” (the movie.) Clever, eh?? Oh what do you know?

One must wonder if Starbucks would have found themselves in such a position had they not strategically placed their outlets on each street corner of every American city? It is kind of like when I go in the mall and I see five different stores offering Sprint cellular services. How do they make money? Well, that’s a big mystery even though I work with a bunch of economists. But unfortunately I have never thought to ask their opinions on the matter, or most anything else not related to work. Oh well, my loss.

Have a great weekend. And if your Starbucks bails on you, try Dunkin’ Donuts, or better yet, make your own damn coffee.

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