No “gub-mint” takeover. We ur still Texans.

Take a breather my fellow Texans.

I woke up this morning and found no military forces standing at port arms with their automatic weapons at the ready.

When I turned on the TV, the damned thing didn’t work and I remember my remote falling from the table before I went to bed. So I had to spend about 30 minutes trying to reprogram the cheap-ass RCA remote. But when I did get the TV to work I tuned into CNN. And on was nothing more than the same old “All-Donald all the time.”

What I am trying to say is, the military didn’t take over the U.S. and giant billboards of President For Life Barack Hussein Obama did not appear. At least, they didn’t show up any place that I know.

Jade Helm 15 is over. And all those nutcases who got their knickers tied up in a knot were left with nothing more than a whole lot of egg on their face. All those of you whose fret over a revocation of the Second Amendment have no reason for concern. That is until the next imagined threat comes about.

Now I have some good friends in the Lone Star State, the place I have called home for almost 56 of my nearly 60 years. Some are gun nuts. Others are just plain nuts. That’s one reason they’re my friends. The best I can recall, all my exes live in Texas, kind of the way George Strait sang it except I’ve only been to the airport in Memphis. I had scant time to hang my hat in Tennessee.

I was reading today about this guy who lives down the road from me in Nederland, Texas. He heads the Texas Nationalist Movement. I see the fellow who leads it, Daniel Miller, around town every now and then. I’ve never talked with him. But Miller and his group are pushing a petition drive that would put Texas secession on the Republican Primary ballot. Yessir. The Texas Republican Party is less than thrilled, reports the Texas Tribune. I couldn’t ever imagine why.

If such a ballot initiative could only come with a (very short) federal government shutdown, I doubt we would see a GOP president for, well, maybe ever. Of course, I’m not wanting a shutdown. I definitely do not want a shutdown, please understand. I’m just saying that the Republican Party has a lot of dynamics these days that make it like death sucking on a Lifesaver.

But that’s Texas. That is all Texas. We are tall, and not so tall, Texans. We wear a 10-gallon hat. Mostly though, I wear a ball cap.