No SOTU post mortem

Francisco Franco. Still dead.

I kind of like that SOTU has made the rounds, standing for “State of the Union.” God knows we don’t have nearly enough acronyms in this FUBAR-ed world. I have chosen not to do a post mortem of Bush’s speech from last night. One reason is that I have a doctor’s appointment shortly and I don’t have time to make a well-reasoned, point-by-point treatise of why the SOTU sucked. Another reason is that the SOTU actually delivered what I expected: Zero, zilch, nada, zip, naught, doodley-squat … It’s like the bit Chevy Chase did on “Saturday Night Live” in the “Weekend Update” segment years ago in which, after the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, Chase declared: “This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.” That line has always stuck with me to mean everything is maddeningly status quo. That’s about all I have to say about GW’s misstate of the union address.

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