With apologies to Lizzy Browning

How does this day suck. Let me count the ways.

Ever have one of those days in which life is just one big pile o’ crap after another? That has been my day. It has sucked so badly that it’s almost funny. Almost.

It started out with the muscle relaxers from hell. Well, let me back up. I got my MRI results yesterday at the VA doctor. I’ve got bulging discs at C-3/4 and C-7/T-1 with stenosis. I’ve been referred to a VA orthopod (orthopede? orthoped?)in Houston. God only knows how long it will be before I see a specialist. So my doctor prescribed these muscle relaxers. The generic is called tizanadine and it’s pretty strong. The problem is that they made me feel dizzy and just generally crappy. Well, no wonder. The VA nurse takes my blood pressure and its 90/60. That’s low for me. The doctor says to take only a half of this relaxer on steroids (not really–that’s just an expression that’s overused. don’t ever, ever, let me catch me using it again. okay? okay.)But even with half a tizanadine this morning my BP is 90/60. I must be dead but I ain’t stinking, if you know what I mean. You don’t? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. So I call the VA and things just went downhill from there, suffice it to say. And a couple of freelance gig rejections later, here I am.

I finally had to just stop working on my project from hell (like muscle relaxers from hell on steroids)and have a glass of life is a Cabernet. That’s French for something or other. Anyway, tomorrow will be a better day or I will eat this blog. Say what??? Okay, maybe I’ll just, like, sulk and bitch and moan if tomorrow is not better. Kind of like I did today.

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