No storms among the calm

Howdy, from the public library. The respite from my personal computer — my work-furnished computer and Blackberry are off-limits for most personal uses — has been on the calming side. The exception to my calm are those times when a surging urge to write and publish something seizes the inner-workings of my noggin. The “Binders of women” comment by Mittens Romney in this week’s presidential debate comes to mind.I am hoping though that my new laptop shows up sometime within the next week since I am on annual leave until the end of the month. I mean, a man can only endure so much calm.

I have been following news the best I can by reading a newspaper here and there. Then, there is television. The cable news outlets just want to draw out the horse race in the election for as long as possible. A little entertainment comes elsewhere here and there but the closer the election day draws near the more the entertainment aspect becomes a rarity.

Of course, I’ve also watched football. I was disappointed in the 42-24 loss to Green Bay by the Houston Texans on Sunday night. The Texans clearly were outplayed by the Packers. And even though Houston had been unbeaten up to that point I didn’t believe they could go on forever without a “L.” In fact, I fully expect Baltimore to beat Houston this week although a regular-season-ending injury to Ravens beast of a linebacker Ray Lewis could lessen the chance of a Baltimore win at Reliance Stadium. With that said, I still see the Texans making the playoffs and possibly facing Baltimore for the AFC crown, a repeat of the 2012 playoff game when the Ravens won 20-13. Lewis could be back for that game. It all depends on recovery from his torn tricep and the surgery to fix up his beast of a boo-boo.

It’s a beautiful fall day outside. It’s sunny and 78 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. The temp could fall to as low as 49 tonight, although I plan to be covered up and in dreamland when that happens. For now, I think I shall get into the outdoors and try to enjoy my first day of leave even though I have no plans to go anywhere, nor money to facilitate going anywhere. Same song, different verse.


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