Noisy nightmare

Early this morning was undoubtedly one of those still and chilly times when sound is carried to almost frightening distances.

I woke up about 3:30 and heard this roar that sounded like traffic on the interstate but it seemed very loud. I got up and listened closely and figured that it might be one of the many medivac helicopters that frequents Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, only a couple of blocks from where I live. But I finally determined it was the interstate traffic.

Now I live close to Interstate 10 but not as close as I lived to Interstate 35 when I lived near Waco, so I am attuned to the kind of noise such highways generate. I-10 is probably six or so blocks west of here, but St. Elizabeth’s various buildings normally block out most of the noise. The interstate is also about seven blocks to the north of me. I usually cannot hear traffic on that part of the highway unless I am outside and it has to be pretty quiet like in the early morning.

The traffic noise was really bothering me and I couldn’t sleep. So I got up and turned on my computer. For the next hour I was entangled in computer hell and seriously wondered at one point if maybe this was all a bad dream. I couldn’t get any of my programs to load and when I would click on them, all I bould get would be a properties box. I did a little tinkering here and there and rebooted a couple of times. Finally, I got the programs up and running, but when I went to type something the Run command box would pop up.

So I went back to bed and when I awoke, guess what? It wasn’t a dream. The I-10 traffic was still pretty loud for after daybreak. And my computer woes continue. I dragged out the laptop to see if I could find on the Web about what the hell is eating Mr. Desktop this week. What a nightmare!

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