Nothing. Something. Then more of nothing.

As the wise old sage once said: “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” Thus as a corollary, something from nothing leaves negative nothing. That is a lesson old as mankind (and banking) itself but but a relative instance nonetheless that has come home to roost from time to time. Why would negative nothing come home to roost if not it was a chicken? Beats the hell out of me.

***###&@@%%% that’s how we laugh the day away in the merry old land of Oz …

My old Central Texas blogging buddy Nate Nance, of Common Sense fame has gone MSM, at least in part, with a new blog that examines the big screen, small screen and all the screen in between called “Cinema Toast With Nate.” It’s on the Web site of a newspaper on which I cannot comment’ — at least I can’t comment on its people — due to the terms of a confidential agreement. But as always with Nate, the blog is entertaining so give it a look. Hopefully, that newspaper won’t sue me due to my fair comment and criticism of what is a positive review anyway. However, stranger things have happened.

Of course, for anyone with the silly thought of suing me these days let me reiterate an earlier point:

“Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”

And someone trying to get something out of nothing will likely find — you guessed it: Nothing.

Until next time. Thank you for flying with eight feet deep.

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