Off to smell the cherry blossoms

It has always been beyond me how people who work at a computer all day can hover over one at night. But ho and belold, here I am. Today I tried to finish my crash self-training course for my part-time job before I have to show up for real classes on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

The self-study would have been okay if I had received the computer I will use for my job sometime before yesterday, which is when it finally arrived. Luckily, the computer didn’t produce any glitches but the course (actually there were two — another course came with the computer)appeared as if it had been put together in a fit of slobbering drunkenness. Oh well, at least someone had some fun.

But I do kind of look forward to the journey as I will be sleeping in a bed (I’m still living in my truck)in a relatively nice hotel in Maryland. And it’s cherry blossom time in DC. So we’ll see how that goes.

A lot of political shenanigans are going on in Washington as well. We seem to be steeped in the Alberto Gonzales controversy which, because of my abiding affection for the attorney general, I will hence name the controversy Weaselgate. I doubt that I’ll run into Al or Carl Levin or anyone well-known on the national scene. If I do, I might take a photo of them or have my photo made with them. Wouldn’t it be funny to have a photo of me and Attorney General Al “The Weasel” Gonzales? Well, it would be funny if you knew me. Or maybe it wouldn’t be. Until DC …

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