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I’ve been hearing a lot of advertising for Saturday’s Rock Fest ’77 at Ford Park here in Beaumont, Texas. A number of cover bands will be playing Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, etc., and people are encouraged to dress in 70s attire since the event is being filmed for a movie. The real “throwback,” according to the advertisement I heard this afternoon on the radio, is the price for the event of $15.

Now I must admit, $15 to see any show these days isn’t all that bad. But I don’t know about $15 being a 70s-style concert price. I seem to remember paying something like $4 to see my first concert, when Creedence Clearwater Revival played in the old Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston in the early 70s. I distinctly remember paying $6 for some other shows, although I only recall the price along with maybe the band’s name and where they played. Everything else is a little fuzzy.

If I were to dress in 70s garb I would have to go buy it. I did have a couple of my old Navy uniforms that I wore in the mid-1970s until I recently purged them along with tons of other packratta that needed to just go away. I didn’t even attempt to try on those uniforms. I don’t know, it’s just seems a waste of time when you know it’s not going to fit. I think I learned that in the O.J. case.

The thing is, I can’t recall too many features that set clothes that I wore in the 70s apart from what I wear today. I do admit to wearing some authentic 70s attire while in high school, the bell bottoms with deep cuffs and off-the-ground shoes. And polyester? Bad stuff happens with that around flames so I tried to avoid it like an STD.

Maybe I need to go to that show just to find out how stupidly I may have dressed back then. Maybe not.

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