Old Sayings Retirement Home No. 14

The world is in such a fix. War. Crime. Disease. A hurricane just tore the hell out of my city less than two months ago. Despair, despair, despair.

But isn’t the world always in a fix? Isn’t life just death sucking on a Lifesaver? Think about the 17th century. Does plague ring a bell? Brother fought brother during incredibly bloody battles in our own great nation in the 19th century. In the 20th century we had two WORLD wars! It’s like Rosanne Rosannadanna said: “If it’s not one things, it’s another.”

Thus I feel Lenny Bruce’s saying topping our blogspot is most appropriate. Human beings are almost universally up to no good. Always have been up to no good. And probably always will be up to no good. Don’t fight it. Cherish it. Laugh about it. We’re funny sumbitches. I wish more people could appreciate that. But then, we wouldn’t be funny sumbitches anymore would we?

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