Dickens cooked the gumbo

Looking for a clue Mr. Holmes? If so I am afraid you are staring at the wrong guy. For I have not a clue what someone dressed as the famous sleuth is doing at the Girl’s Haven Gumbo Festival on Crockett Street in downtown Beaumont, Texas, on this semi-dreary afternoon. I would like to think this Sherlock was looking for bad gumbo ingredients such as foul fowl, perhaps even a poultry-geist or a hen with an avian flu. But I actually think he’s a hallucination. If I check the blog later and he’s still there then I guess my theory will have been shot to hell.

More literary action figures. This time with a twist of Dickens. I think these people were part of a gumbo team. I wonder if they have any cheers for their team like in high school football?

“Get that flour
Make that roux
Throw in a little sausage
And chicken too.
Rah, rah, rah.”

And that is why I would starve to death as a poet.

Even more confusing? Why yes, now that you mention it. I don’t really know what a dragon is doing at a gumbo festival. Even if it was Daryl Dragon. Yeah I did kind of reach real far down into the bag for that one. Daryl Dragon was the Captain in the Captain and Tenille in case you didn’t know. I never knew why he was a captain and not an admiral. Of course, the captain is lord of the ship even if an admiral is aboard. But the captain is supposed to go down with his ship so I see that as a drawback.

This is kind of behind the scenes stuff. It is a photo of what happens when a dragon poses with teenage girls. And you know, I’m not really sure what the gender is of this dragon. Or if it has a gender. Or a past. You get what I am saying? No? Okay then.

Finally, for your musical enjoyment I give you three guys playing Celtic folk songs. The song they are playing in this photo is about Celtic folk who go from village to village doing deeds so Celtic folk singers will write songs about them.

Actually, the band is called Alternate Route and for three working stiffs (the lead singer is a district attorney’s investigator), they sound pretty good. They were probably the least weird of what I saw downtown today at the gumbo festival.

Oh and the gumbo? I didn’t eat any. I just knew that I forgot to do something when I was at the gumbo festival!

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