One if by bus …

The morons are coming! The morons are coming!

Had 18th century patriot Paul Revere been alive that is what he might have said upon learning some Sarah Palin supporters tried to make her explanation of his ride to warn of the coming British fit the historical account in a Wikipedia entry. Of course, Revere first would need an explanation himself of just who was this misguided Sarah Palin and why anything she said means much of anything at all. Then the midnight rider would need to learn about that whole “Wikipedia/Internet/Computer” thing.

Palin told a group of supporters on her big bus ride to call attention to herself that Revere warned fellow Americans that the British were purportedly coming to take away their arms. Well, history has it that’s not really what Revere was delivering during his mobile horse ride newscast.

Wow, could you imagine a horseback newscast?

“From Boston this is Dan Dominguez, on the Action 5 News Horse.”

Or how about a news zeppelin?

It makes about as much sense having a news zeppelin as it does having Palin Kool Aid drinkers making history fit her words. Isn’t it bad enough that the almost one-term Alaska governor completely makes up something that seems to be made whole cloth from a NRA advertisement?

Palin and Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry — with his fantasy Texas is permitted by U.S. law to secede — need to team up. They could be the Never-Never Land Party Candidates.

To be perfectly frank, I don’t really know what these bird-brains were thinking, what it was they would accomplish by changing Revere’s story in Wikipedia? The source, Wikipedia, is a great one as a directory of sorts but I would never trust anything of substance from the site without checking other sources, or unless I wrote the entry. Even in the latter case, I would be ‘a checkin’.

I likewise can’t understand all the attention given the Palin “mystery” bus ride. She is playing a game with the media with a wink and hardly a nod. The media people eat it up and I want to upchuck just thinking about it.

It makes one wonder what kind of history Palin will make (up) this week.


Sorry. That is one gate I won’t open