Our Congress tis of thee, sweet threat to liberty …

No great profundities have I, at the ready, all waiting to flow like a mountain spring from noggin to fingers onto keys and into the great Internetosphere.

But this I shall say, and permit me please. For if I do not seek permission it will mean not one whit, but polite is all that I attempt.  Say I that the Congress of the United States of America at the moment seem to have lost their collective minds — even more so than usual. If anything gets passed before Christmas with any meaning to the people, for the people and of the people, I shall not eat my hat, not will I be a monkey’s uncle. Likewise will I not be a uncle’s monkey with an eaten hat. However, damned well surprised is what I shall be.

This Congress in all its present glory is what we shall live with for the next two years.  DADT? Don’t Ask! Health care? Who the hell cares! And on it goes.

We are peering into the future.  Only, it will be worse with the new incoming lot of ignorami. Oh, I can see it now. The death penalty for gays and abortionists. A Constitutional Amendment making God the 51st state of the Union. The Great Wall of the United States. Interment camps for illegal aliens with brown skin.

That is malarky, of course, surely some sensible folks will be around to keep the wide-eyed radicals from blowing up the country. I hope, and don’t call me Shirley.

But who knows what the Tea Party will dream up until they start seeing those big, big dollars slipped into their pockets by nice Mr. Lobbyist. Then shall we have both the sanctimonious and the corrupt all rolled into one little, fat, pasty ball. Whoopee!

Just remember, you voted for them. Not you Mr. Liberal or you Mr. True Yellow Dog Democrat. But you know who you are. When the going gets dreadful, the dreadful get going.

Have a nice time until 2012.