Palin to use National Guard in debate strategy

“I guess you’re wondering why I’ve asked you all here today … “

Sources have told EFD that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has devised a very clever strategy to outfox Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware in the vice presidential debate on Thursday. Palin, who as governor serves as commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard, ordered her troops to active duty with a deployment on tap to St. Louis, the site of the debate. Palin’s plan calls for the National Guard members to either call out answers to assist her during the debate or otherwise shout: “OoohRahhh!” Palin spokespersons said she acknowledged that such use of the military force might lighten the state’s defense against neighboring Russia. However, Palin said in a press release that the Air National Guard has been left behind and will be on hand to shoot down Russian leader Vladimir Putin should he fly into Alaskan airspace.

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