Pig for dinner with karma on the side

I wrote something just a few minutes ago but then I zapped it. It just didn’t read like I thought it should. So should I feel bad about it? No and here is why.

I am not on deadline. I am not getting paid for writing what I am going to write or have written just now and most of all, I am hungry.

Thus, I intend to walk outside, light up the grill and put on some ribs. What happens out of that will depend upon my skill, the cut of meat, the marinade, whatever it is I decide to serve on the side and karma. When I say karma, I don’t mean a pig’s karma or someone else’s karma that might have become a pig (luckily, I didn’t see any lipstick on the pig). I mean karma in general.

But I don’t intend to let karma to starve me out, so I best get my arse out and light up the grill. Sorry I couldn’t be more profound. However, a man needs to eat.

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