Planet Wal-Mart

In keeping with our theme today of interplanetary intercourse, I have just seen the news that scientists have discovered the 10th planet. So far it is unnamed but the planet is supposedly larger than Pluto. Who or what isn’t? My Toyota pickup is bigger than Pluto! The new planet also is 97 times the distance between the sun and Earth — for all of you who keep track of that sort of information.

Now the question is what will our 10th planet be named? My bet is Wal-Mart. They will have people up there quicker than you can say: “Sam Walton” and will have some lovable old codger welcoming interplanetary travelers at the door. Be advised that you still will have to stand in line for your photographs while the workers from the Planet Wal-Mart Photo Center go have a cigarette outside the front of the planet.

Thus, those who reside on Planet Wal-Mart will appear mostly to us at such:

Ah yes, space, the final frontier for Wal-Martization of the Universe.

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