Potential presidents and nutty voters

First Ted Cruz now Rand Paul. Talk about a wide open race for the Republican nominee for president.  And the GOP won’t secure a nomination until late July 2016 in Cleveland. How many more, besides Jeb Bush of course.

Cruz held an old-time protestant revival in his coming out party. Oops. I bet he wouldn’t like his announcing for a run as “coming out.” Oh well.

Paul began his campaign kickoff with: “Let’s take America back.” Back to where or when? But such language is surely smart, as is Dr. Rand Paul, opthamologist. Taking America back is paying homage to the Tea Party, the phrase is often mocked by liberals who say the hard right would like to take America all the way back to requiring minorities to pay poll tax or perhaps even further back, to the antebellum South.

I must admit, although Rand Paul inherits that nut-job political streak of his father, Dr. Ron Paul. He has an interesting past. Paul attended Baylor, the large Baptist institution headed by Ken Starr. But he left Baylor without a degree and was a member of the University’s secret and subversively hilarious NoZe Brothers. He attended Duke Medical School without a bachelor’s degree, which is apparently no longer allowed. His libertarian bent likewise is somewhat appealing while many of his more right-wing beliefs brings him down from his “cool dude” appearance.

Whether the election will be Hillary versus Jeb, or Hillary versus Marco or Hillary versus a resurrected Ronald Reagan, what voters should really concern themselves with is their fellow voters.

America has become so wishy-washy that pretty soon I expect to see those writers of “Nigerian letters,” who will give you millions of dollars providing you give them your bank account numbers, to hit the jackpot.

Most Americans don’t want our military to put its boots anywhere on the ground except out of harm’s ways. But the same folks say the current administration is too timid with our “potential” adversaries.

These are the same good folks who rant and rave over all taxation, including local ones. In Texas the highest individual taxes are often property tax leveled by school districts. But just let a board or administrator cut back on something related to high school football you will see taxpayers gone wild.

Other people might go crazy over a penny’s tax in their rural fire districts. But God forbid if these same taxpayers have their home go up in flames.

It’s nuts. We’re nuts. Nutty America. Love it or leave it.