Robbing trains in North Texas

Today I am coming to you live from Allen, Texas. The city of some 70,000 — and about 25 north of Dallas — lies in the vast suburban prairies of North Central Texas. It seems as if the main activity of the city is growth as it had only 10,000 or so people around the late 1980s. One of Allen’s claims to fame is that it was the site of what was believed to be the first train robbery in Texas, which was pulled off by outlaw Sam Bass.

Just what I am doing here (back) in Allen is a subject of a chain of events. At the present time I do not care to get into those events. I will say I am staying once again with my friend Ross and his parrots Gabby and Jake, for how long I am not sure.

Allen is a completely different atmosphere from the funky, coastal, industrial Beaumont where I have lived for the last 15 months. That is not to say either place is bad, merely different.

My task at hand is try to get some sort of life-sustaining gig. It isn’t as easy to do as it once was but it isn’t impossible. With that I bid you a) dew b) a do c) adieu for the moment.

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