What is a lame Dick to do?

Tricky Dick Cheney looks for lawyers to shoot in Marlboro Country.

Veep Cheney is out among the great unwashed these days helping the administration that he runs get out the message that the Iraq war is, to paraphrase Martha Stewart, “a good thing.”

But one could only surmise that Tee Dee is feeling a bit down these days. He has, after all, been the boss of the White House no matter what voters or the Supreme Court who elected Gee Dubya as president said. And sooner or later his role as the most powerful man in the world will eventually come to an end. How it will come to an end is only speculation but here are a few possibilities: 1) Genuine health problems. His is not the best ticker in the world no matter how powerful he is. 2) Fake health problems. Since he has a history heart issues, he can resign at the opportune time and pave the way for the heir apparent to the presidency via a Dubya appointment such as Condi or Karl. 3)He is indicted, faces prison time and resigns. A bit of Agnew Deja Vu.

Ex-presidents get gadzillions to write memoirs or get appointed to all kind of corporate boards. Cheney already has gone the corporate route and why would he want to write a book since he believes so much of his and the administration’s existence should be kept under wraps?

Perhaps our man Tricky Dick will ride off into the sunset with guns a-blazing. Maybe he will become an Old West-style gunslinger and get into barroom shootouts with the first person who slights his legacy or his lesbian daughter. Who knows what the future holds for Veep? After running the world, everything has to be downhill from here on out.

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