Same chapter, same verse

Same old same old.

Hearings today on the Benghazi attack on 9-11-12 are just more opportunities for mad GOP lawmakers to attempt roughing up the Obama administration. While some of the information was being presented, a number of congressmen were having press conferences trying to beat up the White House. People such as Sen. John McCain –a GOP presidential loser — got indignant when a CNN producer asked McCain why he wasn’t inside the hearing room learning about information that might have answered some of his questions.

I suppose the mad crop of Republicans are looking for something with which they think they can eventually impeach the president, just as they did with Bill Clinton. Maybe I’m wrong, but that could come back and bite them big-time. After all, George W. Bush could have easily been charged with impeachable offenses with his lies and cover-ups concerning Iraq. Bush and Cheney might still face war crimes. This would not be a great state of affairs for the Republicans and the U.S. in general.

Maybe these tired old Republicans perhaps should just get out the bugs which are firmly planted up their asses and try to do something constructive. The nation is tired too, of the Republicans boo-hooing their losses.

“We need to stop being the dumb party,” I just heard Louisiana’s GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal say. I wholeheartedly agree, Guv.



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