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Bigfoot uncovered?

This afternoon I am off to the backwoods and river bottoms of the very eastern fringe of Texas to find Bigfoot. Of course, if I am going to see Sasquatch then he/she/it is going to have to appear somewhere that is convenient for me. That is because I surely am not going to go trouncing through the Sabine River swamps on a humid late July afternoon. I may be a fool, but I am not an idiot.

Apparently a great many people think Bigfoot resides in certain areas such as the East Texas pineywoods. An organization calling itself the Texas Bigfoot Research Center provides a database listing Bigfoot sightings in various Texas counties. Two sightings are listed in Newton County, where I was raised, and although I profess to having seen many strange things there I don’t think I ever saw Sasquatch. Nonetheless, here is a description of one such sighting near the Bon Wier community in 1999 from the database:

“My dad was bowfishing when he saw something on the bank. It was about the size of a man with raggy fur and entangled with twigs and leaves, it also had bright yellow eyes. My dad smacked the water with the paddle. It immediately turned and screamed.”

A sissy Sasquatch perhaps. Now I have known people in those parts who kind of fit that description. But I never knew any of them to tuck tail and run, much less scream.

A follow-up investigation of another Bigfoot report in 2004 near the Sabine River uncovered an apparent hot zone for Sasquatch:

“‘People around here say they see ’em [bigfoots] all the time.’ (Her) family lives within two miles of the Sabine River, an area that generates many bigfoot sighting reports. The mother said she wasn’t sure what she and her kids saw, but she was ‘definitely freaked out’ by it,” according to the report of Bigfoot investigator Daryl G. Colyer, a former Air Force intelligence “Airborne Russian Linguist.”

Hmm. Okay. Maybe you find Russian-speaking Sasquatches aerially. I wonder if Bigfoot drinks vodka?

Well, I expect to find out those answers this afternoon when I go into deepest, darkest East Texas. I’ve got a camera so if I happen to see Bigfoot, I’ll snap a quick pic of it and share it with you when I get back.

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