Sausage anyone?

It is off to work I go in about a half hour so I shall be brief on today’s topic, the “fiscal cliff.”

Over the weekend it appeared that the President and Speaker of the House were on the verge of a deal. The President has raised the threshold for new taxes on the “rich” from $250,000 to $400,000 apparently after Boehner wanting the rate raised for everyone who makes more than $1 million.

The GOP says that it is not the taxes to which they object but rather the spending cuts. It’s always something, Rosanne Roseannadanna said. That is suspicious to me because anti-taxation is a religious tenet for the Republicans.

You asked for openness in government. You got a little of it. Sometimes, it seems as if political negotiating would be better if the big dogs were back in the smoke-filled rooms. The old saying about watching laws being made is like watching sausage being made is pretty close to the mark. The exception is that with sausage, you have something to eat. When laws are made you may not have enough money to buy sausage.

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