Still kicking, hanging onto the cliff, working on the weekend, remembering those “Night Moves”

Here comes the weekend. Woo hoo! I have to work eight hours tomorrow, but I’m not complaining. I have decided to share some of the reading I found on a couple of items of interest. Rather than my take on something — we know what that’s worth — maybe someone will learn something they didn’t know from this. Then again, maybe not.

Also, I am painstakingly not writing my opinion because I might eventually write a freelance piece for some publication that is somewhat related to the issue. I am talking about the NFL commissioner floating the idea that the football kickoff should cease because studies show the kickoff is where most injuries occur during that task. One side issue which is related to this story is the lawsuits which were filed on the NFL by more than 3,900 plaintiffs over the neuro-cognative damage from serial concussions sustained in playing football . Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, proposed that the kickoff go the way of leather helmets. Instead, a team would get the ball on the 30-yard-line with a 4th down and 15-yard situation. The team could either punt or take its chances on making 15 yards or more for the 1st down. Opinions? Yeah, I have opinions. What about them? But I will keep this one to myself.

Finally, if we haven’t had enough talk of “going over the cliff” now stories are circulating how air travel may be affected if we indeed are flung off that cliff. The FAA would have less flight controllers, the program that props up some little airports would end so some smaller airports might have to shut down, as well as TSA screeners perhaps having to go. (I bet Rep. Gohmert would like that.) In the run, air travel would be much more costly, and this could all add to another recession.

On that cheery little note, I bid you a farewell for the weekend. Yeah, buddy! I saw them at the “Super Bowl of Rock and Roll” on June 12, 1982, with my friend Suzie, her sister and some friend of a friend. Loverboy appeared on that hot Dallas day in the Cotton Bowl with (Louisiana) Le Roux, Ozzy Osborne and Foreigner. That was the second time I saw Foreigner. I caught them back in ’77 at the City Park Stadium in New Orleans with some four of my Navy buddies. Also at that concert, in something like June 1977 was Bob Seger, Louisiana Le Roux (must of been Deja Roux in Dallas) and Fleetwood Mac. The latter group’s single “Dreams” from their Rumours album was No. 1 on the Billboard Singles chart that same month. Seger’s “Night Moves” reached No. 4 after its release in October 1976. So needless to say Fleetwood Mac and Seger were extremely hot when I saw them in New Orleans. I also got to experience my only foreign rock concert later that year in 1977 when Fleetwood Mac played in Auckland, New Zealand. Just reliving some good times, man!

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