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But, I’m Christie Brinkley can’t you just let me in for a little while?

With the approximate 19,600-some odd visits surfers have made to this blog since I started keeping count at some point in time, the “Visitor Path” function on my “StatCounter” page has allowed me to see who is interested in whatever subjects on which I have dwelled here. If only I knew why …

It isn’t with any great frequency, but I get visits it seems every month searching for young Stevi Perry, the beautiful Arkansas fashion I first mentioned in May 2005 while making fun of an article from a small-town newspaper. Apparently someone in Mountain Home, Arkansas, was wondering — from best I can tell around 8:14 Central Daylight Time last evening — what Stevi was up to.

It was somewhat of a surprise when Perry’s mother sent me a friendly e-mail shortly after that first mention.

“Hey, I typed Stevi’s name in and found where you noticed her article. That was pretty awesome…I am her mother. How did you find that article? You must be from somewhere around Arkansas. How wierd. That is pretty neat that you wrote something. Yeah, not much news in small towns.
Kelli Perry … “

Because of concerns over copyright violations (even more concerns than normal), I did not attempt to post a photo of the young beauty. But I did find a link with a picture and an update on her career, which includes news of Stevi who is to appear in an upcoming video with Cowboy Troy — who, for those of the clueless nature like me, is a “hick-hop” star. Whatever that is.

It’s always exciting when I can present something, at least halfway, useful. Good luck to Stevi and to Cowboy Troy. And good luck to Cowboy Troy’s horse, should he have one or more.

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