Stupid Friday afternoons

It’s a steamy Friday afternoon in Beaumont, Texas. Steamy it is because of little late Spring showers followed by Summer-like temperatures. It’s a downside to the “sub-tropical” life. But when it gets too steamy I just think about places like Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, you know, the “M” states, during January. I mean the very being of those states in January when it’s freezing-ass cold. I did not mean that those are only “M” states during January. That would be truly stupid.


People have a tendency on Friday afternoons around here to get out and drive on busy streets like 11th Street and Calder Avenue and Phelan Boulevard. And they tend to drive slow and with great stupidity.


I don’t give a rat’s ass if Hillary and Barack meet in private at Diane Feinstein’s house or at John McCain’s or at Dick Cheyney’s. Stupid is as stupid does. Isn’t that a stupid thing to say?


Okay, I see things are rapidly getting negatively stupid so I am going to stick a fork in it for the weekend. Stick a fork into what, you may ask? That is fine. Go ahead and ask. I never promised you an answer, or a rose garden for that matter.

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