Stupid political tricks

Here are just a few of the supremely stupid ideas coming from the mouths of mostly Republican politicians but I will include some Democrats just to be “fair and balanced” like that stupid cable network.

Get to work you little heathens!

Newt. We must call him Newt. Like Cher. Like Madonna. Like Attila. Newt the pot of greed calling the kettle black says we should slack off on our “truly stupid” child labor laws. Yes, why don’t we go back to the good ol’ days, say, 1810, when about 2 million children were working anywhere from 50-to-70 hours per week? There weren’t many if any sanitation laws back then so kids would work in dirty, damp, infested factories. Whether one thinks an increased longevity of life is a good thing, it can only be imagined that the kids who did live to grow up into adults would not have significant lifespans. Some factories even put up wire fences to keep kids from escaping.

Newt thinks “union” janitors should be fired from schools and local children should be hired to clean the schools. Why not just make ’em work for punishment? Why not legalize indentured servitude of little kids? Hey, they spend too much time playing computer games and figuring out ways to massacre their classmates and teachers anyway.

Newt. He truly wastes the earth’s oxygen.

Like this is going to happen

Pat Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen must either be shills for the GOP or they have been huffing glue. The pair of pollsters wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed Sunday that President Obama should step aside and let Hillary Clinton run for president. I am not familiar with Schoen although I know Caddell, a former political operative for Jimmy Carter, is one of the token Democrats Faux News runs out to enhance their false claim of being fair and balanced.

These two are wasting trees and bandwidth. How many ways can I say stupid? Estúpido. Stupide. Dumm. ηλίθιος. 愚か. тупоумно. (Ed. note: Translations are from Yahoo Babel Fish. I am not responsible for their accuracy. This is just an example that many ways exist to proclaim stupidity and no matter how it is spelled, written or pronounced, it flourishes as ever in American politics nowadays.)

When comedy isn’t comedy

My final stupid political trick pick is funny man, the Godfather of Pizza himself, Herman Cain. No, it wasn’t his brain breakdown in front of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board when questioned on Libya. Instead, it was Cain being undone with his own cleverness in a late night interview with David Letterman.

Dave is one of the craftiest, and can be one of the most dangerous, television interviewers in the business. While Letterman brought a little comedy to the surface, he also sliced and diced Cain about some of the GOP candidate’s most recent blunders. For instance, Letterman got laughs with his comment that “I’m not stranger to sexual scandal,” referring to his own past sexual dalliances with staffers. But other stupid remarks from Cain’s recent past brought on the side of Letterman that makes the comic as good or probably better than most of today’s TV pundits. This was evident with a near-sneering Dave who half-asked and was half-accusatory with Cain’s claim that he was “just kidding” about his “electric fence” comment. Cain claimed he would have a border fence installed, if elected president, which would be electrified and kill people. He later called the comment a joke.

The appearance on David Letterman’s show is just one more example of Herman Cain and his incredible lack of judgment in talking seriously when the pizza man should just hit the rubber chicken circuit and give up politics.

Stupid is as stupid does. Those are words for Herman Cain to live by.