Talk about your responsive newspaper

As I mentioned here Sunday I was basically just surfing when I came across information about earthquakes and ended up writing something concerning the small quakes which have taken place in eastern Texas and western Louisiana. I remembered thinking that a look at these tremors, especially a series of them in 1964, would be a good story for our local newspaper. The Beaumont Enterprise runs a staff-written news feature called “Southeast Texas Tales” which visits long-ago news or stories. Well, this morning I looked at the paper’s Web site and, lo and behold, there was a Southeast Texas Tales story about the 1964 earthquakes and mentioned concerns for the safety of Toledo Bend Dam which I also addressed in Sunday’s posting. I first thought: “What the hell?”

Enterprise staffer Mike D. Smith wrote a very good story and talked about some of the very things I had wondered about. Maybe he’s psychic. If so I am going to start asking him for lottery numbers.

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