Partisan sanity discussed in Oklahoma

Regardless of what I might say from time-to-time I really am a political junkie. I’ve been interested in politics since I was a young boy, waiting around my grandmother’s office for the election results. In my hometown, my uncle was county Democratic chairman, a post he kept getting elected to for more than 40 years. As a matter of fact he was county chairman up until the time he died. I never really aspired to be like him, whom a friend of mine described as a person whom: ” … you ask for the time and he tells you how to build a clock.” But be that as it may even in a little town, in the abstract office where my uncle and others counted votes, politics had its share of excitement.

But these days are not the old days. All politics are local only in the most of localized races and even there party politics have more and more reared its ugly head.

Much speculation has been generated from the conference in Oklahoma where a number of moderate politicians from both the GOP and the Dems gathered to discuss how partisanship is running our country into the ground. Of course, the media is excited because there is room for speculation about the prospects of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg — an attendee of the conference — running as an independent for president.

The need for sensibility in politics is obvious. One can see just how far our country has come when on the day of the New Hampshire primaries, talk radio and even the MSM can’t stop talking about Hillary getting teary. Hey, who gives a rat’s a**?

It doesn’t matter to me what happens with respect to a third party. I think it is inevitable that a new major party will emerge eventually. If I had any money to bet, my pennies would be on a break-up of the Republican party. Unless some of the more ultra-right can begin to accept the notion that people can agree to disagree, then perhaps we will see a new Whig movement or something. Millard Fillmore — even dead for almost 135 years — would be a quite an improvement over the jackasses in the executive branch today.

Something has got to give. The hand basket’s come off and society is headed straight to hell, or at least to Tijuana. Or maybe Tijuana’s headed here.

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