Earlier in the week I obtained a new iPhone since my discount for a new phone contract had come around. It’s kind of handy, especially since it might be next week before my new laptop arrives. Then there is all that BS — retrieving sites and programs and whatnot — with which to contend.

Things have been trying enough dealing with a new “smart phone” for one whose technical ability is probably on the edge of the universe compared to those who have worked with technology for a long time.

The term “smart phone” may not quite fall into the oxymoron category but learning mostly by trial and error makes the operator of a new iPhone makes one feel as if they are anything but smart. With my phone came a midget of a charger: a little plug with a USB cord. The package also included an earpiece. A paper booklet printed in several languages containing warranties and safety warnings could also be found in the phone package.

The most useless accompaniment was a pictured brochure giving the barest of information on the phone. Sure, you can find your way to a full-blown manual once you’ve managed navigation of the Safari browser that the phone included. Unfortunately, even the manuals written these day are penned as if the reader is already a tech genius, or a psychic, one might suppose.

The iPhone has a hell of a camera, a 5 megapixel one with an easy to use video. Once I master that part of the gizmo, I suppose I  could go shoot video for the local TV stations. At least stations that pay. Sorry, I am by trade a journalist so I don’t go giving my craft away for free. I wish some associates in my union would understand that. Well, the cameras aren’t THAT good but they seem to shoot a might better than anything I have owned except my current digital shooter.

My time here at the PL (public library) is quickly running out, so I suppose I should do a quick proof and publish. If something is erroneous, I will just have to fix it later on. I am really ready for my new laptop. Have I said that in the last hour?

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