Thanks to the women who, literally, picked me up

I have tried to write something for some 30 minutes now and eventually chose to hit the “Draft” button. I thought I’d do a shorter version.

This afternoon I took a tumble from a higher-than-average curb and fell to my hands and knees to the pavement. If I had done this 30-something years ago it wouldn’t been much more than a chuckle. But it’s not 30 years ago and I no longer am 30 years younger.

A couple of very nice and very attractive young women, having emerged from their SUV with horrified looks, helped me up as I could not do so myself. What wonderful ladies those two were. So if you helped an old guy up from the pavement in front of Schlotszky’s in Port Arthur or Nederland (Texas) consider yourselves thanked. It was humbling because I felt, for a minute at least, rather helpless.

I have road rash on my left knee. I am beginning to hurt just about everywhere. My neck, which has for a number of years has been in a state of F**kedupedness is hurting. My hurt is hurting!

I must go now.

Adios and Aloha