Will the NFL save Johnny Football from the dogs?

Hidy hi! I’m doing better after my fall and thanks for asking.

Let us talk sports and sports-related matters, if you will, briefly.

First of all, it is no surprise that the guy known as “JFF,” for “Johnny F**king Football,” has announced his intention to enter the 2014 NFL Draft. Texas A & M quarterback Johnny Manziel says he is moving on from College Station after winning the Heisman Trophy as a freshman and guiding his team to a 52-48 comeback victory over Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl? The What-fil-what Bowl?

Well, it turns out that this bowl played in the Georgia Dome was known as the Peach Bowl until 1997 and is the ninth-oldest bowl game in history. As the late, great Johnny Carson would say: “I did not know that.”

I happened to watch the last quarter or so of that Chick-fil-A Bowl. I had seen Manziel play a few times before on televised games, but I didn’t notice until this game just how wired that little fellow (all 6-feet 1-inch) can be when the chips are down. He seemed to take over every team function, from coach to cheerleader, practically willing his team to win.

Whether he can overcome what many sports talking heads see as too short for today’s NFL QB, we will see. Of course, the big question is quickly surfacing — it’s been surfacing since Manziel won the Heisman — where will JFF go?

Since Mr. Football is from Texas, the Houston Texans are automatically thought of, mainly because they will get the first pick in the draft due to the sheer awfulness shown by the team during the previous season. There is the school of thought that Manziel would fit better in Jacksonville than in Houston, with the Texans receiving Louisville QB, Teddy Bridgewater. Maybe so. I don’t even know who that is. Nor do I know Charlie Strong, the former Louisville coach who has taken Mack Brown’s job with the Texas Longhorns. Is that some kind of conspiracy? Who can say.

The best that can be said about speculation is the waiting and the aftermath for those who prove to be wrong and the feeling of little reward in the case of those who are right. Is that the best there is? Holy crap!

Speaking of crap. All over the media can one see former NBA star Dennis Rodman doing his worst Marilyn Monroe imitation singing “Happy Birthday” to his friend “Kim” Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator. This came after another video in which Rodman was shown going bat-shit crazy in an interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

What these two stories have to do with one another is as big a puzzle as why Rodman became friends with Kim in the first place. If anything the Rodman doings serve as a wonderful object lesson for Manziel with whatever he chooses to do after what he has chosen to do. Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you a butt-load of material goods. I suppose in Rodman’s case, it has bought him a sociopathic friend.

No matter what you heard or what you believe, Dennis, I would suggest you decline if Kim asks whether you’d like to see his dogs.