The candidate 3.0. Same old lies.

*EFD refuses, at this time, to name the already over-exposed GOP presidential candidate.

The Republican candidate for president of the U.S. is speaking in Michigan after  posing for photo ops among the people helping the Louisiana flood victims. I will give the candidate props for supposedly donating a truckload of supplies for those victims. That is, if the candidate actually donated his money.

He is once again, cynically, attempting to reach African-Americans, no black faces are sitting behind him. Neither were many people of color when the Candidate 3.0 made a so-called issue speech Thursday in Charlotte, N.C., according to numerous press accounts.

Paul Manafort, the shady dealer whose alleged ties with Russia is under scrutiny, announced his “resignation” today as head of the GOP presidential campaign. In other words, he was fired. That hardly seems like a stable ship on which to sail the candidate to the CEO of the U.S.

Looking at some of the folks today sitting behind the candidate look hot and bored. They — and by the way I see a wider shot on the screen and still see no African-Americans — like trained seals, lift their signs with the candidates when they apparently are prompted. Okay, I do see two black faces. There are a few more Asian faces. A few supposed veterans with their vet organization caps. And perhaps five or six brown faces.

I am tired of listening to the lies and droning on by the candidate who says: “I am the change agent. I am the change agent.”

Now he complains about Hillary and Bill Clinton making money after leaving office. That is certainly chump calling the kettle black, this alleged billionaire who says he alone is funding his campaign. What utter bullshit.

Well, I hope this change agent changes into a human being. I hope he will change into the former GOP presidential candidate.

By the way, don’t you think it’s odd the candidate’s rallies are ending with the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want?”