The computer man cometh

Yesterday afternoon I was writing along about something I wanted to say and was interrupted by the Dell lady. I spent the next hour letting her pick through my laptop and she finally said I was going to need another touch-pad and another hard drive. It supposedly will not cost me anything. It better not. But crap!

I guess I will either need to pay for an extended warranty or fix up one of the two kaput laptops I have if this one goes down after my next birthday in October. Happy Birthday! You need a new laptop. Damn, I hope not. I need to get one of those sturdy laptops with a durable case like the Army uses. I have a computer like that for my job. But it is a monumental piece of s**t. That’s MPOS, in troll talk.

Friday is supposedly the day the computer jockey comes to fix up this Inspiron. So I have all that re-loading stuff to look forward to this weekend. The Dell lady said she will “own” my case and will put all the software back on my laptop. Indian porn generator, perhaps? Sorry, it’s been a long day.