Do you agree with these Harris respondents about places to live?

Just now I came across an interesting poll, of sorts, by Harris, concerning states and cities where people would most want to live in the U.S. After reading the list, I am left wondering just how these respondents made their decisions for these questions. Let us take in the top states in which those who were asked would most like to live other than in their own state:

1. California

2. Hawaii

3. Florida

4. Texas

5. Colorado

6. New York

7. Arizona

8. North Carolina

9. Oregon

10. Washington

Take a look at the states folks said they would least want to live other than their own state:

1. California

2. Alaska

3. New York

4. Mississippi

5. Florida

6. Michigan

7. Texas

8. Alabama

9. District of Columbia

10. New Jersey

It is kind of funny some of those picked as favorite also land in the least favorable with California topping both lists. My state of Texas makes No. 4 in most and No. 7 in the least. I have lived in Texas for all but the four years I served in the Navy. I spent about 3 of those Navy years in Mississippi and about 4 months in California. The first was divided among about six weeks in Meridian, Miss., for training, and the remainder in Gulfport on shore duty. The rest of my time was spent in Long Beach, Calif. and San Diego in between my deployment on a destroyer to the West and South Pacific. I say that because I have no idea what, if anything, those who were questioned for the poll know about any of the states.

The degree to which those respondents knew from personal experience about those states that they judged would have been fascinating to find out. I knew a little about Mississippi and California, not a lot, but I also found that both states had a lot to offer with their beauty and their people.

Even odder are the choices made by those who were asked similar queries about American cities. Only one Texas city makes the top 15 and guess which one it was? You’re right if you say Austin. As always, I think Austin is a fine city. It has beauty. It is vibrant. Plenty of entertainment, music, a large university and the home for Texas government. But plenty of other Texas cities have much to offer as well. And as much as I hate to say it, Austin has become overrated.

So take a look at the polls and see what you think. I bet some of you are not as enamored about certain states and cities as are those Harris respondent. I suppose those polled are a special breed.