The eye of Rita is upon Texas

Well, not yet but it’s getting there.

That is one hell of an eye in this NOAA photo. It looks as if it is the Great Gulf of Mexico Drain. All ye who pass through get sucked right under and end up in … I don’t know … Tijuana. Watch out for the donkey painted as a zebra. And beware of taxi drivers who ask if you’d like to see the donkey, umm, perform.

I worked for a certain publication today and looks as if I may do so throughout this ordeal provided I have everything I need to do so. (pulse, communications, etc.) Rita doesn’t look so good as a Cat 5 and watching one of my more trusted weather guys, Greg Bostwick at KFDM-TV Channel 6 in Beaumont, Texas, it appears Rita recently took a little jog to the north. It, Rita, needs to stop doing that because the more north it goes the worse it will likely be for us.

Voluntary evacuations are under way here. Mandatory evacuations start at 6 a.m. tomorrow for Sabine Pass. I visited there yesterday to work on a magazine story and to see what it looks like before the storm. I know that’s rather morbid, but you got to be realistic. Officials locally say they still could order mandatory evacuations. Not that it will mean much to me except I may end up roaming the nearly-empty, debris-strewn streets of Beaumont like Don Johnson’s dog in “A Boy and His Dog.”

Looks like it might rain. If only I could dance like Gene Kelly.

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