WWTCD? (What Would The Clash Do?)

Subtitle: Should I stay or should I go?

It would be misleading, well more like a lie, to say that mind is focused on anything other than Hurricane Rita right now. Actually, the answer to the question posed by The Clash circa 1980s has been asked and answered. Unless something drastic changes I will be staying regardless of whether an evacuation is ordered. The question is how bad will the situation get here in Beaumont, Texas? That remains the million-dollar question.

Local officials will likely make a decision on evacuations by noon tomorrow. Galveston already has issued a mandatory evacuation, but they are an island and not 35 some-odd-miles inland as we are. Right now a lot of unknowns exist. Where will the storm make landfall? How big will the storm be? How powerful will it be, a Cat 3 or Cat 4? If it continues on its present track what are we in for on the ‘dirty side’ of the storm? Will I have enough to eat? Are Kenny and Renee really splitting up?

I know that if an evacuation is ordered I will almost surely not be going as there is a very likely possibility that I will be covering it for a publication I have done some work for recently. I’m already down to do a story for that publication tomorrow on preparations for the storm. So, we wait and wonder what we can expect, where I will be going during the storm, how I will communicate with my publication, what will happen to my apartment, what will happen to my truck, and so forth. I did stock up on a few canned goods this afternoon and bottled water was flying off the shelf at the local K-roger’s.

Depending on what happens I will try to keep the blog up and running as much as I am able during Rita’s rampage. I got a busy day tomorrow so I am going to chill awhile. Catch you all tomorrow.

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