The giant sucking sound — Congress

If only I had the solution to all of our border and security problems — and given that someone would listen to me if I had a solution — I’d be feeling a lot better about things. But I don’t have the solution or solutions or a magic wand or magic beans or even Magic Johnson so that means we have to leave it in the hands of the U.S. Congress and the president. And, that can’t be good.

I’m beginning to think that maybe Congress should meet every other year like our Texas Legislature. If they met even every five years it would be even better. It would be nice if we could pay congressional members what we pay our legislators as well, which is about $7,200 a year.

Oh well, if you’re going to dream you need to dream big. As far as the immigration issue, I haven’t a clue as to what should be done. We need workers. People need to work. We need to keep terrorists out but I don’t think a fence is going to stop them. I have the feeling something should have been done long ago. But it wasn’t. And I can’t help. Sorry.

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