The government goes back to work. Or not.

Well, it’s nearly over.

I speak of the government shutdown that this part-time government employee has struggled through and will continue to do so until my finances and my expenses match each other. The Senate passed the law to re-open government, pay the employees back pay and extend the debt ceiling. The funding for keeping the government open and the debt ceiling extension are, of course,  temporary. These will be revisited at the first of next year.

The House still has to pass the bill and it requires the President’s signature. Something could put a monkey wrench into it all but hopefully it will happen soon. My question is when?

When these measures take place, the government should open the next day. Since the House won’t look at the bill until tonight it is unknown whether the “can” will be officially kicked once again. It matters because if it happens before midnight we go to work tomorrow, at least I do. If it happens after midnight, then one would think this means the government would re-open on Friday. With the congressional propensity for stepping up to the plate at the last minute, the House may wait until 11:59 p.m. Our elected officials don’t give a rat’s ass for their employees. I’ve known this now you know for sure.

While emphasizing my part-time status that doesn’t mean it is an insignificant part of my life. I live off my part-time salary. It would be a pretty fair salary, $40,000-something a year, if I worked 40 hours a week. But I don’t. The most I can work is 32 hours per week. So you do the math, minus the deducts. Often the job seems like it is more full-time than part-time. Add my voluntary union duties and I stay fairly busy. I need to do more freelancing but my part-time job plus a few health problems all conspire to limiting the time I have to write (for money.)

So there you have it. If we go back to work, then yaaaaa. But I am still struggling to survive and will remain that way for some time. But, I am ready to go back to work, so bring it on Congress and President Obama! We may now plan for the next shutdown showdown in February.