The number you have dialed …

Perhaps it is all the talk about the government listening or tracking domestic phone calls, but my obsession today is songs that contain phone numbers.

The song “Jenny” by Tommy Tutone probably comes to mind for those of you out there who remember the 1980s (all six of you). If you are like me you can’t remember a phone number that you need to dial even though you looked at the number a nanosecond ago. But 867-5309? It’s stuck into my head like a toupee that’s been Super-glued.

Of course songs about phone calls or that include phone numbers have been around since Alexander Graham Bell said: “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.” I still think it’s a rather unfortunate choice of words. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

The old Glenn Miller tune “Pennsylvania 6-5000” — way, way before my time — comes to mind. Then Wilson Picket probably implanted “634-5789” in people’s brains back in the ’60s just as Tutone did. As a matter of fact, I remembered the song even though I couldn’t remember the number or the title and still was able to find the song’s name:

“If you need a little lovin’
Call on me all right
If you want a little huggin’
Call on me baby, mmmmmm
Oh I’ll be right here at home

All you got to do is
Pick up your telephone
And dial 634-5789
(What’s my number)

That’s right, baby. A little lovin,’ a little huggin.’ That’s all I need. Oh, and bring over a pizza and some beer, will ya?

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