The truth about Trump

Trump gives out Lindsey Graham’s cell number. He belittled John McCain because the Arizona senator was captured by the enemy. He calls Mexicans who cross the border “murderers” and “rapists.” And he is leading polls in the field of what is now 16, so far, Republican candidates for the presidential nomination.

National television news is giving him airtime as if he would take this all the way to the Republican Convention next year in Cleveland.

I certainly don’t support the Republicans. I’ve said for years that I would love to see the party go the way of the Whigs. I thought they were going that direction during the last election. If this expansive list of candidates fails to make the Grand Old Party implode explode — blowing the Republican elephant to smithereens —  then bless their staying power.

As for Trump, he is an a**hole. That’s simple enough. Dump Trump. Dump Trump. Dump Trump. For he is an a**hole. Say it again? No, I don’t need that. Just remember, we don’t need a freak show.