The Vice President of Rumormania

“It was this long and filled with pastrami, salami, ham, Swiss and a couple of kosher pickles.”

Endless speculation from inside the Beltway continues over whether Vice President Dick Cheney will be entangled in a legal web over the CIA investigation. Among the rumors is that Cheney will step down and the president will name Condeleezza Rice as VP. That would not surprise me in the least that he would step down and Bush would name an heir apparent. But Rice’s skin tone and gender might be a little too hard for some of the geriatric GOP to take. Likewise for some of the conservative voters who see things more in shades of black and white, if you get my drift.

The veep’s ethnicity makes no difference to me. To paraphrase Navin Johnson’s mother in “The Jerk:” I would love the vice president if he or she was the color of a baboon’s ass. Well, maybe love is too strong a word. I would respect the position at least.

It would really be a bold move for Bush to appoint a black woman as vice president if old Tricky Dick II resigns. Whether Cheney calls in the dogs and pees on the fire is another question.

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