Thoughts of flight and things that go crash in the night

Just a few quick observations before I start the weekend.

The bigger they are the worse they fly

I just read about Continental Airlines and AMR, the parent company of American Airlines, talking about a merger. That can’t be good, as Delta and Northwestern also appear to be headed toward a union. I have already seen Continental’s customer service on a slide since I first flew with them eight years ago. My flight back from Washington was dreadful, complete with a “seat tango” before taking off and having 15 people jostle me while they stood waiting for the toilets after the movie was over. I called them yesterday trying to get a receipt for my flight so I can get reimbursed and they said since it had been “so long” (a couple of weeks) it would cost me $20. Paper is expensive, you know.

Scary stuff

The story about the Navy planning to shoot down a dying, toxic spy satellite is like something out of the movies. I sure hope the government is not lying again — not just about the shoot-down being some test to kill other nations’ satellites but about everything. I haven’t heard a lot about what could happen if the vessel hits a populated area. But something falling from outer space can’t be really good for you.

Dems “grow a pair”

At least that is how it seems after congressional Democrats are blocking the Bushies’ attempt to forever do away with the constitutional strictures on searches without warrants in the foreign surveillance bill. But with that whole bunch in Congress, they are likely to sell the Constitution down the river anyway. We can get thousands of our young men and women killed for “freedom” in Iraq but we can’t be secure in our own homes because of those lawless bastards in the White House.

Rocket and ‘Roid Rage?

A lot of folks in my area of Southeast Texas are talking about the Roger Clemens/Andy Petitte testimony in Congress. The only thing I have to say is to be consistent. If you are going to slam ball players for “cheating” by taking steroids then lets have equal outrage for the New England Patriots cheating by videotaping the other side’s coaching signals. Even no less the likes of LaDanian (L.T.) Tomilinson, (Waco University High School, Texas Christian University and all-Pro with the San Diego Chargers) as straight an arrow there is, according to accounts from people I have known who have been around him, admits the type activity which the Patriots were involved in is not exactly rare in the NFL. Cheating is as cheating does.

Have a great weekend.

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