Thumbing my way through an injury

Thumbs are, in the human realm, a pretty important item to have in the anatomical tool box. Thus spake Wikipedia:

“The thumb, unlike other fingers, is opposable, in that it is the only digit on the human hand which is able to oppose or turn back against the other four fingers, and thus enables the hand to refine its grip to hold objects which it would be unable to do otherwise. The opposable thumb has helped the human species develop more accurate fine motor skills.”

And when we speak of motor skills, we don’t mean the ability to tear down and rebuild a GTO engine. But, I mean, for some that is a perfectly good skill.

When one’s digits are unavailable either permanently or temporarily, as my right thumb is the latter, one can more thoroughly appreciate the digit’s value. A few weeks ago I stupidly stumbled and came to rest for a microsecond on my right palm. Luckily, this occurred on the job or else I probably would still be waiting to see a VA specialist. But instead I did go to a Doc In The Box and later to a bone and joint clinic where a specialist said my thumb was sprained. He also said: “Something, something else,” and even more of something else regarding the possibility of one day needing surgery. Yikes!

Nonetheless, I have to wear this wrist brace for another couple weeks and it is going to continue making for very frustrated typing because the extra weight from the brace often violently reacts with various light keyboard keys and all kinds of things happen such as muffing your passwords to losing whole blocks of text.

So while I have now written a good bit I think that I shall stop lest I lose what I have here. I don’t know why I have just written what I have written. Perhaps it’s therapy or maybe it is tempting fate.

Or maybe I am just a geek. There are all sorts of possibilities out there.

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