Don't worry. Be happy.

If rainy days and Mondays really brought Karen Carpenter down then she would have been truly bummed out today where I am in Beaumont, Texas. That is because, one, it’s raining and it is also Monday. But alas poor Karen, we barely knew you.

Not to beat a horse but the terrible involving Eight Belles Saturday at the Kentucky Derby was definitely a bummer. She had run a good race and might have won had not Big Brown been such an awesome specimen of horse flesh. One could only wonder how horrible it would have been had Eight Belles won and then broke her two ankles and had to be put down.

Does it seem I am going for a theme here? Things on a rainy Monday to really bring you down. Here is definitely a downer: Oil at $225 a gallon?

If I had just trusted my instincts and stayed in bed this morning when I first heard it raining …

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