Thumbs up! The weekend is here

I will be quick today. I am off work today and trying to get a few things done. My typing hasn’t been too groovy the last couple of days anyway. I got a new brace for my thumb yesterday and I am having a difficult time getting used to the feel of it on a keyboard. I don’t know why because it is identical to the first brace I got about two weeks ago.

In one of those freak accidents, I tripped over the sidewalk while working and fell, catching myself with my right palm while keeping hold of my work laptop. The Doc In A Box I went to said it was only a bruise but it kept hurting so I went to an orthopedic type yesterday who said it was a sprained thumb so I got to keep this brace on for another three weeks. I suppose I will finally be comfortable with the brace by the time I stop wearing it.

A good weekend to all.

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