Today's used car salesmen

Time was when the shadiest among the shady characters in commerce were used car salesmen. Quite often, perhaps only ambulance-chasing lawyers were more despised among the public. But these days the people who are most looked-down-upon are politicians (who most likely deserve it) and journalists (who sometimes deserve it).

Of course, as technology has made this day and age what it is, it would only be natural that some among the tech service sector would also find their niche within the sleaze of American business. My vote for the used car salesmen of today and the future is those young men and women of all colors and lifestyles who sell wireless products such as cell phones and wireless air cards.

I have had a data card for slightly more than a month. And as time has gone by I have found more and more little factoids that should have been told to me by the woman who sold me my air card but who failed to mention those things. Thank goodness that Sprint, at least so it appears, seems to take Better Business Bureau complaints seriously. I filed a complaint a short while after I purchased the data card plan from a local Sprint store. I found out this afternoon yet another little matter the Sprint saleslady did not tell me after I found I had no service. Upon calling the help desk I discovered that I had a spending count and that I had gone over its limit.

The Sprint corporate lady who is working to try to resolve my complaint has been helpful. Not only did she get my service turned back on in an instant, she made sure that I would not have to pay this month’s bill since I have had so many issues with her company. She is giving me until the first of December to decide whether I want to continue service using my Sprint data card. If I decide not to, I will get a refund, or so she says.

I raise a lot of hell when things don’t go well and they should. Sometimes that is the only way to get anything done or a problem solved. A lot of people out there just don’t give a damn whether you are happy, sad, satisfied or are running down the street on fire. I once heard the term “consumer judo” as the practice of using all the pushes and pulls to ensure you get satisfaction from your transaction. ‘Scuse me while I get all Johnny Cochran on you. But there are times, or so I think, that you need a little more than judo. Instead, you may need a little consumer thermonuclear whup ass.

Tomorrow I may get beaten down and left in the ditch as so much consumer carrion. But for now I have won a round against those who would try to plunder my pennies. Ah the sweet smell of victory. For now at least.

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